What makes a good funeral? – Author of ‘The Good Funeral Guide’ shares his view

What makes a good funeral?

It is considered customary to commemorate the death of a loved one by hosting one final farewell, whether this is in the the form of a funeral or memorial service is up to you, but it is important to know what choices are available.

A cremation manager once told me that planning a funeral is like planning a wedding in 7 days, it can be so overwhelming with a million and one questions to think about and you might not have all the answers.

  • Did they want a cremation, a burial or a natural burial?
  • What kind of coffin did they want?
  • Do you want to view/ dress/ wash a loved one in order to prepare them for their funeral?
  • Is the ceremony going to be religious/ non-religious/ spiritual or a mix of each?
  • Do we wear black/ white/ pink/ green?

Find out what Charles Cowling, author of ‘The Good Funeral Guide‘ has to say about what makes a good funeral

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