Death Cafe filming

Filming Death Café
A Student Project for the University of Bournemouth
2.30pm – 5.30pm
Saturday 2nd February
London NW2 6AA

(near Willesden Green underground station)

 Are you willing to take part in a Death Café that will be filmed as part of a University student project?

Sophie Marsden, is a student of Journalism at Bournemouth University completing a multi-media project exploring societies changing attitudes towards death. She hopes that by filming a death café she will be able to capture the welcoming ambiance that breaks the taboo of talking about death and inform others of this fascinating experience.

The footage will be observational in nature and feature alongside other elements such as, reviews of artwork challenging attitudes towards death, and inspiring interviews with those in the funeral industry.

Come and join us for a free flowing conversation around the topic of dying, death and bereavement. Whilst sitting comfortably in a relaxed setting, drink tea and eat delicious cake or sandwiches and enjoy an open and respectful space for discussion, free of discrimination where people can express their views safely.

The event will be hosted by Josefine Speyer, a psychotherapist and co-founder of the Natural Death Centre (

 To be invited to participate, please email Josefine at with  this information:

Send your name/s and phone number and how you heard about the event .
Please tells us a little about yourself, and your intereest in Death Cafe.
Let us know  if you have been to a Death Café before.

 To take part  in this filmed event  you wil need to sign a consent form upon arrival, which will give your permission for the footage to be exhibited as part of an online blog. 


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